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The Man Who Just Didn't Care
By Ray Garmon
Writer's Showcase, 2000
ISBN: 0-595-13866-7



An accomplished musician who's technically gifted but not original, Coy Johnson returns to his birthplace (an unnamed town in Alabama) after the death of his father.

Coy seems to have everything he's ever imagined. In building his new home, an homage to Frank Lloyd Wright, he's indulged his every whim. His old music buddies invite him to sit in with the band any time he likes. Locals remember and accept him for himself rather than as the son of one of the wealthiest and orneriest men in town -- and the woman of his late night dreams is as beautiful and willing as remembered.

Despite his enviable lifestyle, his mood is marred by apathy. Nothing engages him or touches his heart -- a mood that serves him well when people he doesn't recognize start trying to kill him.

In The Man Who Just Didnít Care, Ray Garmon has written a thriller filled with compliant women, volatile men, and ghosts rattling around in the mists.

The author is a bookseller in Los Angeles, California where he lives with his wife and dog.


Pam Kingsbury
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