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Music to Die For
by Radine Trees Nehring
St. Kitts Press, 2003 
Paperback, $14.00 (273 pages)
ISBN: 0-9661879-8-9



Picture an older lady in tight shoes, running around in circles for the space of seven chapters, after finding a dead body.  She is scraped, bruised, muddied and finally lands in bed at 1:30 a.m. in the morning.  And thatís just the opening of this book! 

Itís not until Chapter Eight picks up that we once again meet Carrie McCrite, as we know and remember her from the first book in this series.  She is still the same old Carrie; confident in her own abilities, although shaken in her resolve; especially after finding a dead manís body in a gift shop smack-dab in the middle of the Ozark Folk Centerís State Park, at the annual Arkansas State Park and Tourism Convention (which Carrier devoutly believes in.)   

Sheís on her own at first here, however.  No friends or her darling Henry to back her up.  And there is plenty to worry about.  A famous singing group is involved in the murdered manís death, as the female singer of the group is found close to the body.  Carrie canít decide which is worse: finding the body or having this group involved in the murder; as they are her beauís favorite singing group.  Poor Henry!  If the singing trio is implicated and all go to jail for the crime, Henry might have to settle for just CDís from now onóno more live concerts. 

So, Carrier plunges in head-deep to both help solve the mystery of the manís untimely demise and also assist the singing group-minus the husband and wife singersí daughterówho, we are informed has been kidnapped.  Which way will Carrie turn first to start with the investigation?  How much can she confide in the backwoods police in the area?  And how about her friends and Henry, who converge on the center later?  Carrie is still haunted by what happened to come of her close circle of friends in her last Ďadventure.í 

And so, we return to this second exploit in Nehringís cozy series, Something to Die For mystery series.  Buckle up folks!  Itís going to be a bumpy ride!  But, if you get hungry along the way, the author gives us two of Carrieís favorite recipes to try: for Peach or Apple Chunky in the last few pages of the book.  Yum-yum!


Robert L. Hall

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