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Midnight Hour
by Mary Saums
A Silver Dagger Mystery,  2000
ISBN: 1-57072-123-8


Debut novelist Mary Saums weaves a rich tale in the Nashville music industry that would be an achievement for a seasoned mystery author.

Studio singer Willi Taft is celebrating her 40th birthday and reflecting on her life -- men and career.  Sam Robbins manages to change both for Willi.  He brings her love and a career in private investigation.

However, things take an abrupt turn as Sam is murdered.  Willi finds herself a target and determined to solve Sam's murder.  This journey alienates her from past friends in the music industry and bumping into curious friends of Sam.

Saums creates a manegere of eccentric southern characters that jump off the page.  Uncle Ralph is the grounding force of home and family.  Jill and Luanne are Willi's singing partners, who friendship doesn't go beyond the studio door.  Douglas Anne Pennington is a society dame who travels in all circles in her own version of snooping.   Jake Stoner is a retired cop, who spends his time investigating unsolved cases.  And finally, the curious Wilcox brothers, who watch Willi from their motorcycle shop.

Willi Taft is the voice of reason as she works over obstacles to solve Sam's death and discover the strong woman within herself.  

Midnight Hour is the first book in the Willi Taft series.

Joyce Dixon
Southern Scribe Reviews


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