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Pagan Moon
by William G. Davis
1stBooks Library, 2000
ISBN: 1587210649



Looking for a good read, one that's fast paced, action-packed and totally unpredictable? I've got just the book for you!

First-time author William G. Davis has written a real page-turner! As a young rookie in the Palm Beach County Sheriff's department, Mike Gage makes a gruesome find. The body of his former girlfriend-turned-hooker is found floating face down in the West Palm Canal; her body mutilated, her heart missing. She is not the first such victim nor the last.

Something evil is lurking in the Florida glades; something that preys on young women, something that sacrifices them, then dumps them to be devoured by scavengers or stumbled over by unsuspecting fishermen. Now a seasoned detective, Mike Gage is the only policeman that sees a connection between the many similar slayings that have spanned the South Florida counties over the past twenty years. His investigations always come up blank, until that is a would-be sacrifice escapes and gives him the lead he's been looking for.

This is not your typical detective or crime novel. It's all of that with a twist. If you're a fan of John Sanford or Michael Connelly, you won't want to miss this excellent read!

Mr. Davis, a retired Marine officer, now works in the gaming industry and lives with his wife in Florida. He has written a second book, Pagan Dawn and is working on a third in the series.

Go, read, enjoy!

Brenda Kerwin
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Brenda Kerwin is a Systems Librarian at Huntingdon College in Montgomery, Alabama. She holds a BS from TSU, an MLIS from the University of Alabama.  Brenda is currently working on an English/Creative Writing undergrad degree at Huntingdon.

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