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Photo Essay/Gift Book Reviews   

New Orleans, Jan Arrigo, Laura A. McElroy (Photography), 2002
Wooden Churches: A Celebration, Rick Bragg, 1999
Gone With the Wind: The Three-Day Premiere in Atlanta, Herb Bridges, 1999

The Majesty of the Mississippi Delta, Jim Frazier, West Freeman (Photography), 2002

A South Carolina Christmas, Jan Kiefer, David Crosby (Photography), 1997

Wilder Mississippi, Stephen Kirkpatrick (Photography), Marlo C. Kirkpatrick, 2001

Heart of a Small Town, Robin McDonald, 2003
Powerful Days: The Civil Rights Photography of Charles Moore, Charles Moore (Photography, Michael S. Durham (Text), 2002

Southern Style Christmas, Lucinda McDowell, 2000

Okefenokee, Lucian Niemeyer (Photography), George W. Folkerts, 2002

The Hacienda in Mexico, Daniel Nierman and Ernesto H. Vallejo, 2003

Early Art of the Southeastern Indians, Susan C. Power, 2004
The Most Beautiful Villages and Towns of the South, Ramsey & O'Kain, 2000

Faces of Freedom Summer, Herbert Randall & Bobs M. Tusa, 2001

A Portrait of Southern Writers, Curt Richter, 2000