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Faces of Freedom Summer
By Herbert Randall and Bobs M. Tusa
The University of Alabama Press, 2001
ISBN: 0-8173-1056-8




A powerful episode in the shaping of the American Civil Rights Movement, Mississippiís Freedom Summer, is recalled through Herbert Randallís stunning and evocative portraits.

Upon discovering that Randall took some 1800 photographs during the summer of 1964, one wonders when looking at some seemingly ordinary images why these were chosen over others. Suddenly the reader is struck by the normalcy of the scenes and the realization that in 1964 there was nothing normal or ordinary about the subjects, from blacks and white celebrating Independence Day together, volunteers pointing to bullet holes in automobile grilles to white and black volunteers registering black Mississippians to vote. The very idea that black and white coexisting would seem ordinary today means that Freedom Summer was as effective and powerful as Randallís photographs.

Tia Blassingame
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