Movie History 

Gone With the Wind:
The Three-Day Premiere in Atlanta
By Herb Bridges
Mercer University Press, 1999
ISBN:  0-86554-672-X


I grew up hearing my mother's memories of the Atlanta premiere of Gone With the Wind.  Through her, I could see the spotlights circling the city skyline, hear the excitement that captured a teenage girl's imagination, and the pride that it all happen in the city of her birth.  Bridge's book helped me understand the power of those days in 1939. 

Gone With the Wind historian Herb Bridges put this book together for the 60th anniversary of the 1939 premiere of the movie.  Through photographs, event programs and newspaper clippings, Bridges captures the excitement that filled Atlanta from December 11-15, 1939. 

Atlanta "put on the dog" for Margaret Mitchell's movie.  Department store windows celebrated the book.  In Five Points, the Loew's Grand was transformed into Tara.  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution was packed with ads from stores offering premiere specials or selling Scarlett perfume and dusting powder.  The Atlanta Junior Chamber of Commerce produced souvenir wooden nickels for the occasion.  Nunnally's "The Candy of the South" created a special box of assorted chocolates.   

Bridges includes an Atlanta who's who list of those who attended the premiere's ball with detailed descriptions of what they wore to the event.  The Georgian Terrance Hotel, where Hollywood stayed while in the city, printed a special premiere menu. 

This is an exceptional collection compiled in book form for movie buffs and Gone With the Wind fans.


Joyce Dixon
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