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New Orleans
Text by Jan Arrigo and Photography by Laura A. McElroy
Voyageur Press, 2002
Hardcover, $14.95 (111 pages)
ISBN:  0-89658-547-6

New Orleans brings many images to mind Ė exotic American city, Dixieland Jazz, Mardi Gras, a rich literary history, and food.  Jan Arrigo in New Orleans gives an insiders view of her hometown from itís cultural heritage to itís unique beauty. 

The photography of Laura McElroy exhibits the richness of New Orleans by capturing the bold colors, eccentricities, neon lights, and lush beauty of the city.  The images capture the essence of the Delta city so well, that they trigger memories of past visits. 

New Orleans is an exceptional table book for its beauty and information for the voyeur.

Jan Arrigo is a native of New Orleans and graduated from Loyola University.  She is a freelance writer on the topics of travel and culture.  Arrigo is currently working on a book about the New Orleans food scene.

Laura A. McElroy is a freelance photographer whose work has been published in travel magazines and guidebooks.  Postcards and notecards of her New Orleans work are sold at hotels and stores in the city.


Joyce Dixon
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