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Photo-Essay Review    

Wilder Mississippi
Photography by Stephen Kirkpatrick and Written by Marlo Carter Kirkpatrick
$38.00 (160p)
ISBN: 0-9619353-5-9
  In Wilder Mississippi, Photographer Stephen Kirkpatrick returns to the subject matter of his Wild Mississippi, but digs deeper into the hidden spaces within the Delta.  The images of bold colors explore the expanse of wildlife from the northeastern hills to the Gulf coast.  The subjects for his study from deer to salamander are stunning in that the texture of their coat appears touchable through the page. 

Marlo Kirkpatrick, travel writer and wife of the photography, adds a poetic quality to the book, which reads like music to the images.  Her spiritual words create a passionate celebration of nature's wonders -- "The spirit knows a thirst only wild waters can quench."

The photography in Wilder Mississippi appears to come off the page with vivid color and sharpness.  Photographer Stephen Kirkpatrick used new state-of-the-art equipment and production process developed by Photo Images, Inc. It creates a digital detail that is new to published photography collections.

A feature of the book that I appreciated was the photographer's journal in the appendix.  The story behind selected images adds to the reader's voyeurism behind the lens.  The information is especially helpful to amateur photographers ready to explore their own woods.

Stephen Kirkpatrick makes personal appearances with a multimedia slide presentation set to music with stories of his extensive travel and Christian testimony.  Visit for more information about his program and other photography books.

Patience is key to successful nature photography.  Stephen Kirkpatrick is a very patient man.

Joyce Dixon
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