Poetry Review  

Never Let It End: Poems of a Lifelong Love
By Ruth Bell Graham
Baker Book House, 2001
ISBN: 0-8010-1207-4


In this day and age, to be married once to the same person throughout life is a rare feat.  The marriage of Dr. Billy Graham and Ruth Bell Graham has been captured through the poetry of Ruth Bell Graham and the memories of their daughter Gigi Graham Tchividijlan. 

The forward by Jan Karon speaks of the strength and love of this couple.  In Karon’s words – “the cutest, sexiest couple I had ever seen.”  In the preface, Ruth Graham gives excellent marriage advice about expecting perfection from the mate – “Such expectations put a man under an impossible strain.  The same goes for the man who expects too much from his wife.”

Intertwined between the poems are glimpses of the Graham’s marriage through pictures from courtship to present and insights from their daughter.  Gigi’s memories are of loving parents that often were tested by separation because of her father’s calling, but never failing to show an enduring romantic love and dedication.

Through Ruth Graham’s poetry, one hears the passion, loyalty, and faith of this couple.  There is even a touch of humor as she deals with the trials that test all marriages.

Never Let It End makes an excellent gift for the bride or for those celebrating anniversaries.  It should be read aloud with the one you love.


Joyce Dixon
Southern Scribe Reviews