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Poetry Reviews   
His Longing (The Small Penis Oratorio), Paul Allen, 2005
Vagrant Grace, David Bottoms, 1999
Out of the South: Poems, Neal Bowers, 2002
One More River to Cross: The Selected Poetry of John Beecher, Edited by Steven Ford Brown, 2003
Locales: Poems from the Fellowship of Southern Writers, edited by Fred Chappell, 2003

History, Passion, Freedom, Death, and Hope: Prose About Poetry, Kelly Cherry, 2005

Rising Venus: Poems, Kelly Cherry, 2002

A Poetry Break: Poetry for Your Pleasure, Kay Day, 2004
The Listening, Kyle Dargan, 2004
TWENTY: South Carolina Poetry Fellows, edited by Kwame Dawes, 2005
Open House, Beth Ann Fennelly, 2002
Tender Hooks, Beth Ann Fennelly, 2004
A New Mother's Prayers, Jayne Jaudon Ferrer, 2004
Dancing with My Daughter, Jayne Jaudon Ferrer, 2004
A Mother of Sons, Jayne Jaudon Ferrer, 2004
Remembering Thunder, Andrew Glaze, 2002

Never Let It End, Ruth Bell Graham, 2001

Poems for the Pardoned, Cathryn Hankla, 2002

Working the Dirt: Poems of Farming and Gardening in the South, Edited by Jennifer Horne, 2003

Ecstatic in the Poison, Andrew Hudgins, 2003

Necessary Acts, Peter Huggins, 2004

Blue Angels, Peter Huggins, 2001

The World:  poetic connections, Janet Carr Hull, 2004
Naming the Afternoon: Poems, Julia Johnson, 2002
Elegy for the Southern Drawl, Rodney Jones, 2001
The Ha-Ha, David Kirby, 2003
Satisfied With Havoc: Poems, Jo McDougall, 2004
The Blaze of Poui, Mark McMorris, 2003

The Poetry of Men's Lives: An International Anthology,edited by Fred Moramarco and Al Zolnas, 2004

With Glory and Honor: Daily Devotions, Barbara Longstreth Mulkey, 2002

The Zydeco Tablets, Alison Pelegrin, 2002
Wishes for Christmas, Marilyn Mae Randall, 2002
Brightwood, R.T. Smith, 2003

The White Train, John Spaulding, 2004

Inspiration Through the Years: A Book of Poetry and Song, Shannon Denise Stafford, 2004

Visible Ink, George Starbuck, 2002

White for Harvest: New and Selected Poems, Jeanie Thompson, 2001

Bellocq's Opelia and Domestic Work, Natasha Trethewey, 2002/2000

Affrilachia, Frank X. Walker, 2000

Blood Must Bear Your Name, Sue Walker, 2002

Not Till We Are Lost, William Wenthe, 2003

Noticing Eden: Poems, Marjory Heath Wentworth, 2003
Joy in the Morning, Claude Wilkinson, 2004
The Saint of Letting Small Fish Go, Eliot Khalil Wilson, 2004