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Noticing Eden: Poems
by Marjory Heath Wentworth
Hub City Writers Project, 2003
Trade paper, $12.95 (83 pages)
ISBN: 1-891885-34-0


  South Carolina Poet Laureate Marjory Heath Wentworth draws on images of time and nature of the Lowcountry for her collection Noticing Eden. The Lowcountry is a garden of color and the movements of small creatures. Yet, it is also the wrath of God as a hurricane approaches. Wentworth captures the calming moments and the turmoil of emotions as nature attacks.

The collection closes with a selection she wrote for the Inauguration of Mark Sanford as Governor of South Carolina entitled "Rivers of Wind"...

Seeds of hope are waiting
in the sacred soil beneath our feet
and in the light and in the shadows,
spinning below the hemlocks.
Hope waits in the endless
waterfalls tumbling toward earth,
transforming into rivers
that pull us through embattled centuries.
Hope waits for the waters
to still and the currents
to empty themselves of the blood
that came before.
Hope waits for a day like today.

Marjory Heath Wentworth teaches poetry in "Expressions of Healing" -- an arts and healing program for cancer patients and their families. She also teaches creative writing at the Charleston County School of Arts. She lives on Sullivan's Island with her husband Peter and their three sons.

The book cover art is Marsh Grass by renown Gullah artist Jonathan Green.


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