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The Zydeco Tablets
by Alison Pelegrin
Word Press, 2002
Paperback, $16.00 (92 pp)
ISBN: 0-9708667-7-1

The Zydeco Tablets is a poetry collection filled with belly laughs.  Alison Pelegrin brings Louisiana to life through her character sketches and vivid situations.  Besides the humor, Pelegrin is excellent drawing out the raw sexuality of her women. The Eunice series stands out as the story of a woman’s romantic life in verse: "...each blind date a trip/ to somewhere she didn't know she could get/ to by car--cock fight and a kiss on the lips..."  

The Zydeco Tablet series presents an energetic view of life around Louisiana Creole music and the turbulent relationships.  “It’s like we live forever in a gig;/ your time is up but we still have a show./ The crowd’s impatient for another set.”     

The Zydeco Tablets is best shared with friends and meant to be read out loud.  The images of the South are strong in “Trailer Trash” and “The Waitress at the Waffle House.”    

Alison Pelegrin earned an MFA degree from the University of Arkansas where for two years she served as director of the Arkansas Writers in the Schools Program.  She is the author of two award-winning chapbooks: Dancing with the One-Armed Man and Voodoo Lips.  Pelegrin teaches in the English Department at Southeastern Louisiana University. 


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