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The Millionaire Code:
Unlocking Your Financial Personality and Making More Money
by Perry W. Buffington, Ph. D. and Willa S. Presmanes, M.Ed., M. A.
A Southern Mountains Press Book, 2003
Softcover, $17.95 (196 pages)
ISBN:  0-9723963-1-4

You pay bills, save, and invest, but still can't seem to break into the 3.5 Club -- that special group that maintains a net worth of $1,000,000 assets even during a recession.  It may be your "financial personality DNA" holding you back.  "DNA" refers to "your mental approach to dollars and numbers, along with your attitude toward finances."

Buffington and Presmanes have created a personality test that will define your Millionaire Code as either a Peacemaker, Powerbroker, Problem Solver, or Pleasure Seeker.  You will most likely have two of the personalities.  For couples, how your Millionaire Code works with that of your mate, determines how you spend/save money as a unit.

The financial personalities and their relationship with money breaks down as follows:
Peacemaker:  Money = peace of mind, clear conscious
Powerbroker: Money = power and control
Problem Solver:  Money = self esteem and security
Pleasure Seekers:  Money = love, fun

The Millionaire Code offers case studies of the personalities as well as guides for working with each group.  You will learn how you attract money and how you push it away.  You will learn your financial strengths and weaknesses.  You will learn how your financial personality affects your health and mental fitness. 

As in Buffington's "Cheap Psychological Tricks" series, The Millionaire Code is written in layman's terms and with a touch of humor.

By the way, I turned out to be a Problem Solver followed by Powerbroker.  No wonder I have migraines!

Perry Buffington, Ph. D., is the author of eight books on parenting and practical applications of  psychological techniques, as well as an anecdotal history of Atlanta.  He hosts "The Dr. Buff Show" on radio.  His syndicated column, Cheap Psychological Tricks is distributed by Universal Press Syndicate.  Buffington is a popular speaker for corporations.

Willa S. Presmanes, M. Ed., M.A., is a 25 year veteran behavioral health research scientist and consultant.  She advises executives, financial advisors and stockbrokers on the use of personality theory to maximize effectiveness in handling financial issues.

Buffington and Presmanes are conducting a seminar on The Millionaire Code.


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