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The Woman Equestrian
by Jane R. Slaughter
Foreword by Karen O'Connor
Wish Publishing, 2003
Trade paper, $16.95 (216 pages)
ISBN: 1-930546-64-5
  There has always been a special bond between women and horses. The Woman Equestrian opens with a foreword by Olympian riding champion Karen O'Connor, which speaks to the unique and beautiful relationship between women and horses. While men have used these magnificent animals as beasts of burden and creatures to tame (and some would say men treat women the same way), women connect to horses in a tender level of give and take. It is a connection of the heart.

The text of the book is a wonderful introduction and reference to becoming a woman equestrian. Slaughter gives a short history of the sport, the takes it step by step of everything a novice rider needs to know to go into the sport. She offers guidance in choosing an instructor and stable. As with any sport, you have to condition your body to perform at it's best. Slaughter addresses exercise, nutrition and listening to your inner voice.

She then turns her attention to the horse, from equipment and riding styles to caring for your horse. The various disciplines are described in detail, including: dressage, event, hunting, polo, racing, show jumping, and steeplechase. The photographs and artwork help to explain the information covered.

Jane Slaughter is a middle school art teacher and freelance writer whose articles have appeared in The Chronicle of the Horse magazine. She lives in High Point, North Carolina.

Joyce Dixon
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