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The Lives of Kelvin Fletcher
By Miller Williams
University of Georgia Press, 2002
Hardcover, $24.95 (167 pages)
ISBN: 0-8203-2439-6

The Lives of Kelvin Fletcher, told in seven stories and a novella, explores the life a young man "who wanted to be good and wanted to grow up. What stood in the way of either was the other."

Kelvin lives in a small southern town. Like his contemporaries, he goes to the movies at the Rex Theatre where he sees the latest installments of "The Lone Ranger," "The Shadow," and "The Green Hornet." He goes to church with his grandfather, a Methodist minister, tries to please his parents, and makes a good faith effort to stay out of trouble.

At home and at school, Kelvin finds himself tempted both by what he does and doesn't understand. He's discovering the pleasures of testosterone, girls, and growing up with hilarious results. Puberty in a small town is everyone's business.

Kelvin's story, though universal, is made new again by Williams' gentle touch.


Pam Kingsbury
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