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Alberta Clipper
By John Salter
Livingston Press, 2002
ISBN: 0-94279-89-3  



John Salter has lived in eight states and worked as a convenience store clerk, a postmaster, and the Director of a California Indian Education Center. He's drawn upon his past experiences to create Alberta Clipper his first short story collection.

Reminiscent of Tom Franklin's Poachers and Brad Watson's The Last Days of The Dog Men, these stories are about people trapped by circumstances, happenstance, and weather. The characters are often desperate, driven to extremes, and given to magical thinking. They look to mystical paths and cures for salvation.

The author wrote most of the stories "over several years while living in and around Fargo, around the time I became moored to domesticity ...... I wrote most of the stories with babies squirming on the carpet beneath me."

The eighteen stories included here were first published in the journals: Nebraska Review, Massachusetts Review, Third Coast, Washington Review, North Dakota Quarterly, and Florida Review. "Big Ranch" was included in Best Mystery Stories, 2001.


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