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Stories from the Blue Moon Cafe' II:
Anthology of Southern Writers
Edited by Sonny Brewer
MacAdam/Cage, 2003
Hardcover, $25.00 (362 pages)
ISBN: 1-921561-43-5



In his introduction to Stories from the Blue Moon Cafe' II, editor Sonny Brewer recalls a haunting and evocative story from a waitress in Savannah who recalled having visited the actual cafe, a place he describes, "... where everyone has been and whose address somewhere south of the Mason-Dixon line no one knows, whose stories pulse and echo in the rooms and hollows of your heart like the blood of unknown ancestors. The voices we hear, the voices we raise down here." 

Brewer, owner of Over the Transom Bookstore in Fairhope, Alabama and the director of Southern Writers Reading, has established himself as a gifted and caring editor. Stories from the Blue Moon Cafe I earned good reviews and will be published in a paperback edition in conjunction with the second volume. 

Once again the anthology combines essays, poems, and fiction from established authors as well as newcomers. The authors included are: Gregory Benford, Larry Brown, Jill Connor Browne, John T. Edge, Ben Erickson, Beth Ann Fennelly, Fannie Flagg, Joe Formichella, Tom Franklin, David Fuller, William Gay, Robert Gatewood, Charles Ghinga, W. E. B. Griffin, Donald Hays, Frank Turner Hollon, Silas House, Suzanne Hudson, Cassandra King, Suzanne Kingsbury (no relation), Jamie Kornegay, Michael Morris, Jack Pendarvis, Ron Rash, Michelle Richmond, George Singleton, Les Staniford, Sidney Thompson, Lee Gay Warren, Brad Watson, David Wright, and Steve Yarbrough. 

Collectively, these authors have taken on bid themes -- life, death, sex, marriage, children, football, and relationships -- and have examined them with humor, poignancy, and grace. The resulting anthology is irresistible.

Pam Kingsbury
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