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Bonneville Stories
by Mark Doyon
Pocol Press, 2001
Paperback, $12.95 (144 pages)
ISBN:  1-929763-09-3
  Bonneville, Virginia is like passing into the dimension of the Twilight Zone, where small town folk are faced with life changing events.  The stories reminiscent of Sherwood Anderson, are tales of fate and destiny.

The ten character sketches that make up Bonneville Stories, are average, hard-working people whose lives are thrown in disorder by fate.  One falls from a ladder, another takes a fatal blow from a Bible, and still another achieve revenge on a Laundromat poker machine.  It is the twist of fate that keeps the reader guessing what the character will do.

Mark Doyon is founder of Friction, a fiction quarterly now in hiatus. It was there where he honed his style of an amoral society void of a spiritual base to cling.  Doyan has edited trade journals and magazines.  His next collection of short stories, Jagged Whimsy and Other Stories, will be published in 2004.

Joyce Dixon
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