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Selections from the South Carolina Fiction Project
edited by Janette Turner Hospital
Hub City Writers Project, 2001
$17.95 (281p)
paperback ISBN: 1-891885-18-9
(also available in hardcover ISBN: 1-891885-19-7)



Since 1984, the Fiction Project has published new and emerging, as well as better known South Carolina writers. The South Carolina Arts Commission and The Charleston Post and Courier have co-sponsored the South Carolina Fiction project since 1993. The State newspaper co-sponsored the literary competition in prior years. 

INHERITANCE: Selections from the South Carolina Fiction Project is a collaboration between the South Carolina Arts Commission and the Hub City Writers Project celebrating seventeen years of the annual short story competition. 

Janette Turner Hospital, currently professor and distinguished writer in residence at the University of South Carolina, served as the editor of the anthology. In her introduction she writes, ".... I was in the enviable position, as judge, of having an embarrassment of riches from which to chose, the INHERITANCE .... is to be treasured." 

The thirty-six stories comprising INHERITANCE, while set in and around South Carolina and told by Carolinians, are universal. They reflect a changing and complex world. There are stories of humans attempting and sometimes failing to connect, newly found and long term friendships, people stunned by their life circumstances, and men and women who are learning what loneliness means. The stories are alternately gentle, wise, funny, violent, sad, and hopeful. 

The writers included are: Ron Rash, Peter Fennell, Patricia Benton, Rebecca T. Godwin, Laura Lance, David J. Burt, Cynthia Boiter, Andrew Poliakoff, Wesley Moore, Lori Wyndham Jolly, Kent Nelson, Anne Creed, Robert W. Heaton, Thomas L. Johnson, Sandy Lang Quick, S. Paul Rice, Rosa Shand, Alice Cabaniss, Greg Williams, Susan Beckham Jackson, Fred Thompson III, Debra A. Daniel, Ceille Baird Welch, Cecile Hanna Golding, Phillip Gardner, Elizabeth Langland, Melodie Starkey, Nichole Potts, Cameron Sperry, Robert Poole, Rebecca Parke, Jasper Neel, Will Moredock, David Tillighast, Thomas David Lisk, and Deno Trakas. A brief biographical note follows each contributor's short story. The anthology includes an appendix listing all of the writers who have been selected for the South Carolina Fiction Project. 

Born in Australia, Janette Turner Hospital has lived and worked in India, London, Paris, and Canada and has served as the O'Connor Professor of Literature at Colgate University in Hamilton, New York. She is currently at the University of South Carolina. Her nine collections of fiction include: Oyster, The Ivory Swing, The Tiger in the Tiger Pit, Borderline, Charades, The Last Magician, and Collected Stories.


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