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Two from Jack L. Mauro 

Gay Street: Stories of Knoxville, Tennessee
By Jack L. Mauro
Writers Club Press, 2000
Paper, $11.95 (172 pages)
ISBN: 0-595-12572-7
Enola's Wedding
By Jack L. Mauro
Writers Club Press, 2002
Paper, $15.95 (256 pages)
ISBN: 0-595-23236-1

Born in New Jersey, Jack Mauro spent most his childhood alternately between New Jersey and South Florida. His writing included the liner notes to Carly Simon's Anthology.  At the age of thirty four, after having "wasted" a few years in New York City, he settled down in Knoxville, Tennessee. To his surprise, Knoxville has become his spiritual as well as geographic home. 

Inspired by walks taken on one of the oldest streets in the city, the author's collection, Gay Street, uses the street as the setting for fourteen stories. Mauro admits some stories are completely true, others are born from "a genuine incident or life and have taken on paths well within the boundaries of possibility. Two reverse the process.... and one is an outright lie." 

Using his position as an outsider, the narrator tells stories of love and murder, people who cause unspoken grieves, people who take grudges to the grave, broken hearts, and childish natures. 

Gay Street explores the sadness of human nature while Enola's Wedding examines the potential for humor and joy in humanity. 

While lazing on the grass in Krutch Park on Gay Street in downtown Knoxville, Enola Tyrwhitt was stung by a bee. Since her car is parked several blocks away, she's forced to hop up and down until Drew Morrigan notices her dismay and carries her to safety. From this "dashing" beginning, the couple find themselves destined for one another and determinedly "soulmates." 

Set in the three month planning period before their wedding, the novel is an old-fashioned romantic comedy filled with mishaps, misturns, and arguments about wedding cakes. 

Pam Kingsbury
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