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Porch Swing Stories
By R. A. Moulds
Writer's Showcase, 2000
ISBN : 0-595-12525-5
Paperback $12.95
190 pages

Porch Swing Stories is a fictional history of a family as well as the community of Ringgold, Mississippi. 

J.T. McPherson, the book's narrator, enjoys reminiscing about his elderly relatives. Always fond of Aunt Sophronie and Aunt Eulalie, he enjoyed his two summer visits to their hometown. At their deaths, he fears the loss of their vast knowledge and wisdom and sets out to tell their stories lest anyone forget. 

Blending melodrama, humor, romance, and tragedy, the ladies teach J.T. about the south and his place in the world. 

Rodney Moulds was born in Maryland in 1958 and his family was originally from Mississippi. The author, who currently lives in Baltimore, studied musicology and composition at the University of Southern Mississippi


Pam Kingsbury
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