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Cherokee Heritage Trails Guidebook
by Barbara R. Duncan & Brett H. Riggs
University of North Carolina Press, 2003
Trade paperback, $16.95 (368 pages)
ISBN: 0-8078-5457-3
  The Cherokee Nation once covered much of southern Appalachia -- part of West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama. After the historic removal to Oklahoma, the remaining Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians own just a small portion of those ancestral lands.

Cherokee Heritage Trails Guidebook offers a large variety of sites for exploring Cherokee history, crafts, and customs. In Vonore, Tennessee, you can visit the Sequoyah Birthplace Museum and learn about the man who created the written language of the Cherokee.

Red Clay, Tennessee, has been the capital of the Cherokee Nation since 1837. Each August the "Cherokee Days" festival is held with craft demonstrations and performances. It is also a central location to many of the historic sites.

A visit to Cherokee, North Carolina, carries you to the Museum of the Cherokee Indian with exhibits reflecting their history and culture. Explore living history at the Oconaluftee Indian Village where visitors walk back into history as villagers demonstrate crafts and customs. And a visit to Cherokee, North Carolina, isn't complete without having your picture made with Chief Henry!

Published in association with the Museum of the Cherokee Indian, Cherokee Heritage Trails Guidebook is sure to enrich your visit to the Blue Ridge.

Barbara R. Duncan is Education Director at the Museum of the Cherokee Indian in Cherokee, North Carolina, and editor of Living Stories of the Cherokee. Brett H. Riggs is a research archaeologist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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