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Scarlett Slept Here: A Book Loverís Guide to the South
By Joy Dickinson
Citadel Press, 2001
ISBN:  0-8065-2092-2




Joy Dickinson adds pop culture and history trivia to her literary travel guide, making Scarlett Slept Here: A Book Loverís Guide to the South a fun read.  Her knowledge of the authors and locales are well-researched giving a literary as well as travel critique of area.  The book features many black and white photographs of literary history and pop culture Ė from the fictitious home of Stanley and Stella Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire to the Charleston, South Carolina bed-and Breakfast used for scenes in the miniseries Scarlett and Queenie

She takes the reader to the homes and haunts of authors and fictional characters. To events and places where the written word comes to life.  Dickinsonís selection of quotations brings each city to life through the authorís eyes.   

Perhaps the most fun, is Dickinsonís experience with southern hospitality on her journey.  The innkeeper at Savannahís Colonial Park Inn gave her his card saying, ďHereís my card with my pager number.  If you get thrown in jail, call me and Iíll come get you.Ē  Dickinson didnít require his service, but those visiting Savannah during St. Patrickís Day may want to keep him in mind. 

Dickinson packs her guidebook with travel information, including: visitor bureau offices, museums, landmarks, tours, accommodations and restaurants.  Many of the places are off the beaten track and offer a unique insight into the local culture.  

A freelance journalist, Joy Dickinson writes about travel, family issue and the arts.  Her book column is a regular feature of the Dallas Morning News.  Dickinson is the author of Haunted City: An Unauthorized Guide to the Magical, Magnificent New Orleans of Anne Rice

Joyce Dixon
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