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A Guide to Literary Sites of the South
By Ella Robinson
Vision Press, 1998
Paperback, 275 p.p.
ISBN:  1-885219-08-3

A complete guide to Southern authors with travel information, even if the only place to visit is the gravesite.  A Guide to Literary Sites of the South profiles the lives and works of 113 authors, with the information organized by state.

For the traveler, Robinson provides information on 26 homes open to the public, 135 library special collections, 19 festivals, and 106 markers or monuments.  An appendix provides contact information for all sites, festivals, cemeteries and libraries mentioned in the text.  Also, in the appendix is a listing of awards won by Southern authors.  Robinson ends with an index of authors within the text.

A Guide to Literary Sites of the South is a well-structured source of literary travel facts, and may be the only book of this nature created about the South.  Black and white pictures of authors and homes are included.  For note takers, there is a good amount of white space to add your own tips and findings about the area.  No maps to the homes are provided, so it is a good idea to call for directions, since many of these locations are in old neighborhoods.

Joyce Dixon
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