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The Three Miss Margarets
by Louise Shaffer
Thorndike Press, 2003
Hardcover $24.95 (471 pages)
Large Print Edition
ISBN: 0-7862-5547-1

Known collectively as "the three Miss Margarets" because of their life-long friendship, Miss Peggy, Dr. Maggie, and Miss Li'l Bit have taken care of almost everyone in Charles Valley, Georgia in one way or another. Miss Peggy was married to the wealthiest man in town and, consequently, still serves as a board member for the largest employer in the area. After completing medical school, Dr. Maggie came home to practice because there was no affordable health care in town. And Miss Li'l Bit, the daughter of a liberal lawyer, came into her inheritance at the age of seventeen when her father died. Choosing to live simply, she's carried on his dreams with his money by financing the education of several deserving young scholars. 

For thirty years, the ladies have kept secrets from their menfolk and the townfolk. When Laurel Selene, who works for the local newspaper, starts nosing around in search of answers to questions from her past, she unearths some disturbing truths. 

The Three Miss Margarets will appeal to fans of Joan Medlicott's The Ladies of Covington series and readers of Anne George. 

Louise Shaffer, has written for television, and has appeared on Broadway, in television movies, and in daytime dramas. A graduate of Yale Drama School, she won an Emmy for her work on "Ryan's Hope." She lives with her husband in the Lower Hudson Valley.    

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