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The Dixie Belle’s Guide to Love
By Luanne Jones
Avon, 2002
ISBN: 0-380-81934-1




Bridget Jones take notes.  The ladies of Hellon, Tennessee know a thing or two about finding your true self and how to get a man.  So, dust off your tiara and pay attention.

Will “Wild Billy” West blows back into town like a tornado on a mission to renovate the Pig Rib Palace, which is now the home of Rita Stark since her husband came out of the closet as a transvestite and divorced her.  Rita hates change and doesn’t like to draw attention to herself.  There is that matter of her mother’s scandal years ago.

Will, trying to live up to his mother’s scandal, is the town bad boy, though he can’t seem to shake the football hero image.  Having left his small-town for Memphis years ago, he has a successful construction business; but his home-life is in shambles.  Rita set him straight years ago about his wild ways and failure to his family.  Will listened.

His main goal is to help Rita break her pattern as she helped him.  But trying to make Rita “wild” is causing Will to have settling down thoughts. 

Luanne Jones has once again created a southern tale with a cast of endearing eccentric characters, laugh out loud scenes, tender family moments, and enough sexual tension to curl your toes.  After reading the book, you will probably feel like celebrating – how about dancing naked in the moonlight?

Joyce Dixon
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