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The Accidental Princess
by Peggy Webb
Silhouette (Special Edition series), 2003
Paperback, $4.75 (240 pages)
ISBN:  0-373-24516-5

C. J. Maxey accepts to become Dairy Princess, when no one in Hot Coffee, Mississippi is available.  She does it as a favor to Ellie Jones, the county home economist and C.J.ís substitute mother.  C.J. is about as far from a beauty queen as you can get.  She is plain, the church secretary, and a 25 year-old virgin.  However, the beauty contest will allow Ellie and her best friend Sandi to make her over into a glamour queen.  Soon C. J. has a head of curls, a push-up bra and a dress that shows every curve. 

Clint Garrett, a motorcycle driving journalist with a love em and leave em attitude, is assigned to follow C. J. around to local dairy events and the state pageant.  He is confused by the mixed signals he gets from her.  She looks like a beauty queen, but he is stumped by her innocence and sassy rapport.  The more she pushes him away, the stronger is his desire to have her. 

Peggy Webb has written a fast-paced romance that is sure to entertain with comic situations and tender moments.


Joyce Dixon
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