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Almost Perfect
By Patricia Rice
Ivy Books, 2002
ISBN: 0-449-00603-4



While Cleo Alyssum has been clean and sober for months, she still has problems with self-esteem. Her drug habit landed her in jail, separated her from her son, Matty, and left her with a distrust for all males.  Cleo's goals are simple, she wants to make a success of her small hardware store and make a home for herself and her child. 

A self-taught mechanic, Cleo's rigged all kinds of gadgets around her home to discourage interlopers. When cartoonist Jared McCloud stumbles onto her property asking to rent her guesthouse, she's not overcome with enthusiasm. Minutes later, finding one of her son's black snakes up his trouser leg causes Jared to wreck his antique Jaguar, forcing Cleo to reconsider her position on sub-letting her guesthouse. 

Thus begins the romance between a hard-headed woman and a sensitive, artistic, genuinely good man. Their relationship is not without roadblocks but ultimately they find a way to inhabit each other's worlds while giving each other space. 

In Almost Perfect, Patricia Rice has written a novel filled with second chances, kind hearts, and characters worth revisiting. 

She is the winner of the Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award, Lifetime Achievement Award, and Career Achievement Award. A mother of two children, Patricia Rice lives in North Carolina.

Pam Kingsbury
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