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Every Good & Perfect Gift
by Brenda Jernigan
Harmony Books, 2001
ISBN:  0-609-60790-1

Every Good & Perfect Gift, Brenda Jernigan’s debut novel, is a mixed bag of conflicts: questioning the traditional image of God; spiritual vs. fundamentalist values; dysfunctional families; loss of faith and trust in loved ones; and discovering the power of love to overcome all obstacles.  

In 1950’s North Carolina, young Maggie Davidson swoons from the heat during the service in her small country church and sees God.  The spiritual being the ten-year-old sees is a woman and gives Maggie the gift to heal.  People gladly accept her healing gift, but reject her vision of God as a woman.  As Maggie grows into a young woman, she learns to manage her celebrity. 

The Davidson women are strong.  Maggie’s grandmother is the matriarch of the family and a leader in the community.  Maggie’s mother is a beautiful free-spirit.  Maggie is a combination of both.   

An Ivy League religious student, inspired by a Life Magazine article on the young healer, spends a summer with Maggie.  He studies her, and she shares her secret that she still sees God as a woman.  Their new love is tested by unfounded betrayal, jealousy and pride.   

Every Good & Perfect Gift is a spiritual journey from blind faith to feelings of abandonment, and finally to self-realization in the power of prayer.


Joyce Dixon
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