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The Florabama Ladies' Auxiliary & Sewing Circle
By Lois Battle
Penguin Books, 2001
paperback edition 2002
ISBN: 0-14-200036-1



In this eighth novel from Lois Battle, Bonnie Duke Cullman, a displaced, wealthy, Atlanta housewife and socialite, is forced to find work after her husband declares bankruptcy and leaves her for a younger woman. When they learn Bonnie has been "downsized" from her marriage, her best friend, Cass, and her father conspire to get Bonnie a teaching job at a junior college in southern Alabama coordinating a program for displaced homemakers.

On the same day that Bonnie leaves Atlanta for Florabama, Cherished Lady, the local lingerie factory closes, displacing dozens of local women who've never had any other kind of job.  Like Bonnie, her potential students are all attempting to chart new courses for themselves.

All of the women face adversity during this transitional year. Bonnie's life has been one of privilege while the seamstresses have always had to either make do or do without. The assumptions they make about one another are challenged and friendships are forged allowing each of the women in the Florabama Sewing Circle to rebuild their lives.

The paperback edition of the novel includes a reader's guide and an interview with the author.

Lois Battle has written seven other novels including: Bed and Breakfast, Storyville, War Brides, A Habit of Blood, and The Past is Another Country. She lives in Beaufort, South Carolina.


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