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Hot Shot
by Charlotte Hughes
Mira, 2002
Paperback, $6.50 (376pp)
ISBN: 1-55166-941-2

Detective Frankie Daniels of the Atlanta Police Department is in hot water.  She was caught in an affair with her partner, who was still married to the Police Commissioner’s daughter.  Not even the fine reputation of her father who gave his life for the force can save her, but it can get her transferred to a small town in North Carolina. 

When Frankie arrives in Purdyville, her rental home is in flames.  Upset over the move to “Hicksville,” she tells off the local lawman, only to discover he is her new boss Sheriff Matt Webber.   

The local bully Willie-Jack Pitts is being blamed for the fire, because of a disagreement with the owners.  That evening at the diner, Willie-Jack wants to spend time with Frankie.  A man not used to taking “no” for an answer, he grabs her in the parking lot, and Frankie beats him up.  She becomes a local hero, but she has made a powerful enemy in Willie-Jack. 

The sparks are flying around Matt and Frankie as their sexual tension grows.  The sheriff even takes her home to dinner with his parents.  After Willie-Jack trashes her motel room, Frankie moves in with Matt’s cousin Sissy, an aspiring model who does phone sex at night. 

Purdyville proves to keep the sheriff’s office busy with the fire, a nursing home murder by poisoning, assaults and the murder of Willie-Jack.   

Hot Shot is a fast-paced romantic comedy.  Charlotte Hughes has created a rural cast of characters that could be Mayberry meets Deliverance

Joyce Dixon
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