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Mixed Signals
by Liz Curtis Higgs
Multnomah Publishers, 1999
ISBN: 1-57673-401-3

Liz Curtis Higgs, noted Christian speaker and columnist, draws on her background as a radio personality for her fiction debut in the inspirational romance genre.

In Mixed Signals, Belle O'Brien is a major market radio personality who finds that her Chicago oldies format switched to all sports overnight.  With a choice of performing Betty Boop station IDs or moving to an oldies small market station, Belle finds herself on the road to historic Abingdon, Virginia.

Station manager Patrick Reese was Belle's first boss, but has harbored his love for Belle while she built her career.  Now, he hopes to finds if the feeling is mutual.

Belle rents the third floor of a beautiful Victorian home owned by Norah Silver-Smyth, who holds strong feelings for Patrick.

Broadcast engineer David Cahill is discovering God's grace as he builds a future after an impoverish childhood and rejection from the mother of his son.  Norah and Patrick have become substitute parents for him.  He is interested in Belle, but what does he have to offer?

Mixed Signals is a fun romp with two couples as actions and words are misinterpreted leading to heartache and confusion.  But as they turn problems over to the Lord, He guides them to love and grace.

Joyce Dixon
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