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Mr. and Mrs. Wrong
By Fay Robinson
Harlequin Super romance, 2001
ISBN: 0-373-71012-7



Erin and Jack Cahill were so wrapped up in their passion, that they got married before they got to know each other.  Erin demands to live in the rustic family cabin that bears flood marks on the walls and reeks of mildew.  As a news photographer, she is often at the crime scene before the police arrive.   

Jack, a police captain in Erinís Alabama hometown, wants all the things he missed growing up -- a strong family life, a nice home, and a wife who will do what he requests.  He is not a tyrant, but only wants to protect the woman he loves.  As a bluff, he moves out thinking Erin will beg him to come home.  Erin holds her ground, and Jack starts returned to the cabin to hunt for his missing basketball.  Soon, he does move back when the basketball trysts create a pregnant Erin. 

As a child, Erin gave evidence in a murder case that caused an autistic teenage boy to be institutionalized.  Years later, the death of a man on the train tracks, reopens the case and puts Erinís life in danger. 

Rita Award winning author Fay Robinson tells a story with fast-pace comic banter, nail-biting suspense, and tender emotions as Erin and Jack become a couple in heart as well as name.  The rich heritage of the Warrior River and Native Americans in Alabama add to the timbre this novel.

Mr. and Mrs. Wrong turn out to be oh so right.

Joyce Dixon
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