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Pull of the Past
by Mary Ann Mellen
Adventure Book Publishers, 2001
ISBN:  1-55313-128-2

The “pull of the past” is strong around the inhabitants of Samara, a Low Country plantation on Casada Island.  Ghosts and unnatural wolves roam the estate. 

The owner of Samara Gladys Cooper wills her estate to her nurse Amanda Ladd.  Gladys felt that Mandy was more of a daughter to her than her own flesh and blood.  Mandy is dazed by the wealth in to which she has fallen, but soon she adapts to the role as mistress. 

Weston Vaughn befriends Mandy.  He was a friend of Gladys and has been living at the lighthouse.  He has amber eyes and a silver streak through his black hair, and there is something odd how he appears when Mandy is in trouble, but soon disappears.  He says they were married in a past life.

People have been dying on Casada Island, and it appears foul means are playing apart.  There is reason to believe that the treasure of jewels hidden on the estate at Morgan Manor are part of the lure for crooks who will stop at nothing to get the loot.  But Morgan Manor burned down a century ago, so why can Mandy see it now?

Mary Ann Mellen has written a fast-paced paranormal romance that blends in southern gothic and crime mystery elements.

Joyce Dixon
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