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Jan Scarbrough
Five Star, 2003
Hardcover, $28.95 (173 pages)
ISBN: 0-7862-5228-6



After a ten year absence, Casey Jones and her high school sweetheart, Jon Martin, have been invited by her father (known as "Pop" to everyone) to return to Royalty Farms. Casey and Jon were born and bred in Kentucky's horse country and in their own ways, neither has ever gotten over leaving the farm or each other. 

Once young and impulsive, each has come back to salvage their lives. The old wounds they've inflicted on one another have to be healed before either will ever be able or willing to "get on with" their lives. Proximity rekindles old passions and griefs. 

When  a fire in the barn threatens the farm's financial underpinnings, Casey, Jon, Pop, and everyone else pull together with the goal of preserving a lifestyle and saving the land from developers. 

Without giving away the ending of the parallel stories, it's important to note Reunitedís ending leaves the story open for a sequel.


Pam Kingsbury
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