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Shyla's Initiative
by Barbara Casey
CrossTIME, 2002
Trade paper, $12.95 (149 pages)
ISBN: 1-890109-78-9
  If ever a woman needed some magic from the West Indies, it was Shyla Wishon. After her first husband died, Shyla became a novelist, which suited her loner personality.  However, the thirty-five-year-old had her world turned up-side-down when Carl Cores entered the picture. He was recently divorced with two adult daughters. After a whirlwind romance, they married and settled into her lovely home.

Of course, Carl was still on a short rope to his ex-wife, if she needed him. He couldn't help with the expenses, because of alimony and debts. But Carl promised Shyla could count on his retirement funds, but he left his 401(k) to his daughters. Then  there is Carl's demanding mother and all her visiting relatives.

The worst change is that Shyla has lost her confidence and energy.  Carl's eating habits are making her ill. She can't write. Shyla is a nervous wreck.

Shyla escapes the West Palm Beach madness to teach her creative writing course for two-weeks in Naples, Florida. She connects with a gifted student, who is working on a manuscript about Cuban refugees who bring the ancient religion Regla de Ocha to America.

Shyla and the student are soon on a course directed by the manuscript. Shyla becomes empowered and finds possible romance with a friendly lawyer.

Shyla's Initiative won the 2003 Independent Publisher's Award.


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