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Sweethearts of the Twilight Lanes
by Luanne Jones
Avon, 2001
ISBN:  03-8081-613-X

Four friends from Mt. Circe, Georgia are reunited after fourteen years when the group individually receives blackmail notes.  Tess, Wylene, Reni, and Jerrianne were suitemates at their local college and called themselves the Suitehearts, because of their close bond.  A bond that time could not break. 

Tess Redding, lovingly called the Martha Stewart of the South, publishes a lifestyle magazine called Simply Southern.  She is about to go to national distribution, but it will mean moving to Atlanta and leaving the community that is so much a part of her magazine.  There is also an interesting inner battle of the perfect hostess Tess vs. the fun loving Tess.    

Flynn Garvey was a bad boy in his youth to deal with growing up in a fatherless home.  As an adult, he heads a foundation dedication with locating fathers owing child support to their children.  Flynn fell in love with Tess as a young man, and broke up with her because he loved her too much to link her with a loser like him.  When he returns as a successful man, all those feelings come back.  

The other members of the Suitehearts are a comical cast of characters.  Reni is the upfront and honest rich girl, who once decapitated a statue at college to get back at her parents.  Jerrianne is the unwed mother and daughter of a preacher who works for Tess now, but put her way through college as a stripper.  Wylene is the ditsy redhead who owns a charm and cheerleading school, and is married to a controlling and abusive husband.  

Each must reveal and correct their past indiscretion in order to make the blackmailer powerless.  Tess and Flynn join forces to return the statue’s head, to remove the stripper picture from the club, and to empower Wylene to leave her husband by revealing their secret about college graduation night. 

The Sweethearts of the Twilight Lanes is a serious story of relationships – family, friends, and lovers.  Luanne Jones tells this complex tale with hilarious situations, sassy and snappy dialogue, and lots of love. 

Joyce Dixon
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