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The Return
By Vicki Allen
Magnolia Publishing Company, 2002
Hardcover, $19.95 (302 pages)
ISBN: 096744880-7-9

In The Return, Vicki Allen's sequel to For Molly, readers return with Ashley Stewart to her hometown in Louisiana. Thirteen years have passed since she fled from an abusive husband in Oklahoma with her young daughter Molly bringing handsome Jack Chambers with her. They've settled into a quiet life filled with routine. Ashley and Jack run the family pharmacy, enjoying the company of family and friends.

Her childhood friends, Kate and Susannah, have also moved back to town with families in tow. Despite their years apart, the three women are once again inseparable.

Jack has seemingly adjusted to marriage and small town life. The blue-haired customers at the pharmacy love him and he spends most Saturdays hunting and fishing in season. He still flirts and can make an entrance at any party.

Molly, now fifteen, is driving and asking questions about her birth father and wondering why her parents have never bothered to change her name. She hasn't yet learned the lesson of being careful what you wish for ..... 

Filled with plot twists and turns, The Return keeps readers guessing until the last chapter. 

Vicki Allen now works at Sentry Drugs in Alexandria, Louisiana and is the author of three novels.

Pam Kingsbury
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