Southern Scribe
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Porch Tales    

Dickie Anderson
Marsh Spring, 2005
It’s Going To Be A “Super” Bowl, 2005
Amelia Island from the Water. March-April, 2002
For the Birds. May, 2002
Confessions of a Street Walker. July, 2002
Pamela Bradley
Alice Baxter’s Birthday Party, May 24, 1962. January, 2003
Martha Bell Remembers the Fire, 1890.  March, 2003
Martha Belle talks about herself, September, 1961. April, 2003
Martha Belle Remembers A Civil War Story from 1864. June, 2003
Brenda S. Brown
We Called it the Chimney. January, 2005
Screen Doors. February, 2005
David Clark
The Crow Stands for Law.  August, 2002
Alec Clayton
Tupelo of Memory.  June, 2002
Joyce Dixon
I Rode the Pink Pig. December, 2002
B. D. Faw
A Change of Life. August, 2004
Palmer Fitzgerald
Roundabout History, 2005
Pre-School in Mississippi, 2005
Preacher's Boy. November, 2004
Dorothy K. Fletcher
Wind Chimes. May, 2003
Christmas Cactus. December, 2003
Brenda Flynn
The Recipe for Boiling Peanuts. July, 2004
Phylenia French
Memories of a Coal Camp Childhood. July, 2002
The Stranger at the Foot of the Mountain. November, 2004
Judy Lee Green
Dish Night. August, 2004
Pam Gurule
A Short Journey. January, 2005
Ordinary Days. April, 2004
Pam Hauck
Pickin' on the Porch. June, 2004
Kathy Lynn Harris
River Days. July, 2004
Joan Hetzler
A Visit to Grandma’s House
. October, 2004
Bailey Jones
Sirens of Spring. July, 2003
Ron Kattawar
Queen of Porch Sittin'. January, 2003
Nicki Leone
Not Your Average Author Appearance.  July, 2003
Michael Morris
A Celebration of Grandparents. September, 2003
Jim Reed
Uncle Adron and the Tit-High Temporary No-Train Water Reservoir Railroad Ride. April, 2003
Geezer Status. October, 2004

Wayne Scheer

My Neighbor's Secret. June, 2004

Sherron Killingsworth Roberts
The Longest Secret. August, 2002
Ulmer Speed
About Papa. March-April, 2002
Southern Feelings. June, 2002
Porch Smarts. August, 2002
The Calf Stall Defense. September, 2002
Porch Weather. January, 2003
Star Struck. February, 2003
Snakebite. May, 2003
Four to a Bed. September, 2004
Janie Spence
Terror in the Outhouse! February, 2005
The Secret of the Corn Crib.  August, 2002
Nicki Toler
First Language. March, 2003