Southern Scribe

February- March , 2000                    Vol. 1, No. 1

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Celebrating Our Culture
Southern Women: 
An Interview with Author Ronda Rich
by Joyce Dixon

Ever wonder why men all over the world jump up to do a Southern woman's bidding?  Ronda Rich shares the secrets that girls south of the Mason-Dixon learn at their mother's knee.

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Featured Author
Mystery Author Mary Saums
by Joyce Dixon
Developing a clear author's voice usually takes new authors several books to attain.  Mary Saums in her debut novel achieves a voice that is uniquely her own.    Midnight Hour is set in the Nashville music scene among a rich cast of characters, enhanced by Mary Saums knowledge of the industry.

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The Fabulous 4-Way
by Mae Frances Barrena
Step inside Carterville, Georgia's landmark 4-Way to discover almost a century of history and lore.  From its enigmatic past to its phoenix-like rise from the ashes, the little red diner has earned its reputation as a "favorite place" among southern eateries.
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