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Book News

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April 3-9 Savannah Literary Festival 
Millennial Gathering of Writers
April 6-9 Society for the Study of Southern Literature
April 7-9 The Oxford Conference for the Book
April 13-15 Southern Women Writers Conference
April 14-16 Kentucky Women Writers Conference

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Book Reviews
Sullivan's Island

Deep Dixie

A Walk to Remember

Midnight Hour

Them Bones

If I Were a Man, I'd Marry Me

Sweet Tea and Jesus Shoes

On the Occasion of My Last Afternoon

A Guide to Literary Sites of the South

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Celebrating Our Culture
Library of Congress Celebrates 
200 Years of Collecting 
Our National Treasures 
by Joyce Dixon

On April 24, 1800 the Library of Congress opened its doors with fewer than a thousand books.  Today that collection has grown to more than 115 million items in all formats to become the world's largest library.

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Featured Author
An Interview With Medical Thriller Author Don Donaldson
by Robert L. Hall

The best thing about talking with Dr. Don Donaldson, the author of seven books and University of Tennessee Professor of Microscopic Anatomy and Neurobiology, is that you donít have to pump him for answers. He has an opinion about nearly everything! And most of his opinions are studied ones -- the kind you would pay good money to know.

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Sun Studio: A Retrospective
by Robert L. Hall

In front of me are photos of musicians. One I love: of B.B. King in a chair, with his eyes closed and sweat beaded on his face. He's working out his blues over "Lucille" (the name he gives his guitar) and I can imagine him singing about his thrill bein' gone, "Lucille" filling in the other half of their blues duet. 

Next, a picture of Elvis is displayed with a quote underneath it: "He has a White voice, sings with a Negro Rhythm and borrows mood from country style." (Sam Phillips, Sun Studio founder, on Elvis Presley).

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