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Friendship Cake

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Southern Porch as Symbol
by Mal G. King
Editor's Note:  Southern Scribe is not in the habit of accepting original poetry or fiction, but I felt it necessary to make this exception.  Mal King is a member of our Southern_Porch List, and his experience there inspired this poem.  Enjoy.  
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Celebrating Our  Culture
Recipe for Friendship
An Interview with Novelist Lynne Hinton
by Joyce Dixon

Whether it is a group of men who hunt and fish together or a group of women who meet for lunch, at the beauty salon or a women’s club – friendships inspire and define the culture of the South.  Lynne Hinton in her debut novel Friendship Cake captures the unique qualities of bonding that brings five unlikely women together as friends. 

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Featured Author
Grif Stockley:  
Arkansas on His Mind
by Robert L. Hall

Almost within the shadow of the domed capital building of Little Rock, Arkansas, I pull my car up to the curb outside the home of Grif Stockley, author of five Gideon Page novels. We go out to the gazebo in the back yard to talk. The day is heavenly and under tall, mature trees we begin the interview. 

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