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Get a Shot of Rhythm & Blues: The Arthur Alexander Story

Twin City

Dead Ball Foul

The Opening

Friendship Cake

Whisper to the Black Candle

Southern Mothers

Sweet Tea and Jesus Shoes

A Guide to Literary Sites of the South

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Featured Romance Author
Romance - Southern Style
An Interview with Author Virginia Brown
by Robert L. Hall
When I decided to write an article about romance and romance books, I wanted to hear from a woman. . . a southern woman. . . a “down-home” woman who would tell it like it is.  Then, a friend at the newspaper told me about Virginia Brown, a very successful author of almost fifty romance novels who resides in Memphis.  If she doesn’t know about romance in the South, who would, I asked myself?    
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Featured Publisher
BelleBooks, Inc.:
Ringing Them Bells
by Joyce Dixon

Sharing stories of their southern roots was the dream of six veteran authors, and last year that dream became reality with the partnership of BelleBooks, Inc.  The authors, each successful in her own right, include: Debra Dixon, Sandra Chastain, Deborah Smith, Virginia Ellis, Donna Ball and Nancy Knight.  

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Featured Mystery Author
What's Happening with 
Steven Womack?
An Interview with Robert L. Hall

A native of Nashville, Tennessee, Womack is a graduate of Western Reserve Academy and Tulane University, where an unpublished novel of his was the first novel ever accepted as an undergraduate honors thesis. In addition to writing, Womack is a professor of screenwriting at the Watkins Film School in Nashville. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Tennessee Screenwriting Association, has been a Regional Vice-President of the Mystery Writers of America and for several years led a fiction writing workshop at the Tennessee State Prison. He is listed in International Authors and Writers Who's Who and Contemporary Authors. 

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