September, 2000                              Vol. 1, No. 7   

Book News

The Southern Book Critics Circle has announced the winners of the Southern Book Awards -- Robert Morgan's Gap Creek for fiction and Janisse Ray's Ecology of a Cracker Childhood for non-fiction.

The late Tennessee Senator Albert Gore, Sr.'s memoir Let the Glory Out has been selected for Hill Street Press's Palimpest Prize.

Joyce and Jim Lavene's novel Flowers in the Night has been nominated for the Frankfurt Book Award.

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Sept Calendar
2, 2000 White County Arkansas Writers Conference
21-24, 2000  Lost State Writers Conference
22-24, 2000 Moonlight & Magnolias

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Book Reviews

World of Pies

Noodling for Flatheads

Marvelous Secrets

Get a Shot of Rhythm & Blues: The Arthur Alexander Story

Twin City

Dead Ball Foul

The Opening

Friendship Cake

Whisper to the Black Candle


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Joyce Dixon
Celebrating Our Culture
Talking with Burkhard Bilger
An Interview by Robert L. Hall

Recently I had the occasion to pick up the book, Noodling for Flatheads, (Scribner, 2000) by Burkhard Bilger.  It represented the narration of Bilger, as a man who traveled around the South exploring such time-honored traditions as moonshining and cockfighting, coonhunting and, of course – “noodling.”  Noodling, by the way, is the act of sticking your hand into the water and letting a catfish grab it.  Then you shove your hand down it’s throat and yank it out of the water.  No sport for the faint of heart, you may note!  

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Southern Theatre
The Road from Dixie to Broadway
by Joyce Dixon

On Broadway this week you will find the stage productions of Aida and Jekyll & Hyde.  On Off-Broadway this week you will find the stage productions of A Lesson Before Dying and Dinner with Friends.  What do each of these productions have in common?  Each originated in a southern regional theatre. 

        2000-2001 Southern offerings

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Business of Writing
Lila Guzman
She Cares about Writers
by Robert L. Hall

One day I was surfing the internet, as we all do on occasion, when I came across a site in Arkansas.  It was a writer’s site, and there was an advertisement that immediately caught my eye.  It was a small piece, perhaps a paragraph or two, written by a lady who was going to begin an advice column for writers.  The name of the new column and site was to be called Ask the Author.

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