October, 2000                              Vol. 1, No. 8   

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The Florida Artists Hall of Fame 2000 inductees are: author and illustrator E. L. Konigsburg; songwriter and author Jimmy Buffett; and poet, songwriter and author James Weldon Johnson.

The North Carolina Literary Hall of Fame 2000 inductees are: poet A.R. Ammons; poet Helen Bevington; historian and fiction writer Burke Davis; poet and fiction writer Olive Tilford Dargan; and journalist and fiction writer Robert Ruark.

The winners of the 2000 Lillian Smith Book Award are: Michael Keith Honey, Andrew M. Manis, and Lawrence N. Powell.

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Water from the Well

An Angel to Die For

Ecology of a Cracker Childhood


World of Pies

Noodling for Flatheads

Marvelous Secrets

Get a Shot of Rhythm & Blues: The Arthur Alexander Story

Dead Ball Foul

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Literary Classics
Thomas Wolfe Centennial
by Joyce Dixon

Southern literary groups are remembering the works of Thomas Wolfe as the centennial of his birth is celebrated.  Born October 3, 1900 in Baltimore, Maryland, Thomas Wolfe was raised in Asheville, NC, where his father was a stonecutter and his mother ran a boarding house.  The tales from the boarding house inspired him and his father’s blend of Shakespeare and booze took another part of his soul. 

Celebrating Our Culture
Southern Ghostlore
by Joyce Dixon

There are several reasons for the wealth of ghostlore in the South.  The Civil War left a tragic spirit hanging over the region and gave birth to tales of ghost armies and haunting belles.  The Voodoo religion and trying to understand the unknown has lead to the creation of many tales.  Folklorist Alan Brown credits the variety of cultures – African American, French, Hispanic, and Scotch-Irish – for coloring the storytelling traditions of the South with ghostlore. 

Featured Mystery Author
Angel on Her Shoulder
An Interview with Mystery Author
Mignon F. Ballard
By Joyce Dixon

Doesn't everyone need a guardian angel?  Award-winning author Mignon Ballard created her own as Augusta Goodnight.  This whimsical angel learned first aid from Florence Nightingale and horticulture from Luther Burbank.  This guardian angel cleans like Merry Maids and cooks like Julia Childs. Plus, this angel rides shotgun as the heroine solves the mystery.

Featured Thriller Author
Charles Wilson: Mississippi Mystery/Thriller Novelist
by Robert L. Hall

I was "supposedly" going to be a M.D. Everyone in my family was--grandfather, father, uncles, great uncles, one aunt, etc., and now my son-in-law. But, when it was time for me to go to medical school I thought both the time I would have to spend in studying and a later practice would be boring. 

Business of Writing
Thriller Author Charles Wilson Answers Questions About Writing
reprinted with the permission of Charles Wilson

The simple answer is just start writing. That might sound trite, but so many people who think about writing never actually start putting the words down on a piece of paper. Everybody in the audience paid a fee to come here, so all of you are obviously serious about writing. 






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