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Lillian Smith Symposium & Awards will take place this month in Atlanta.

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Margaret Mitchell, Reporter

Before Scarlett: Girlhood Writings of Margaret Mitchell

Gone With The Wind: The Three-Day Premiere in Atlanta

Taking Lottie Home

The Knife Thrower's Assistant: Memoirs of a Human Target

Cathedrals of Kudzu

Buried Bones

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Joyce Dixon
Literary Classics
Margaret Mitchell Turns 100
by Joyce Dixon

Margaret Mitchell (born November 8, 1900) was more than a southern belle who published one book, Gone With the Wind.  Atlanta's Peggy Mitchell was raised with family stories of patriotism and war -- from the Irish Rebellions to World War I influenced the stories she wrote as a girl.  She was given social conscience from her parents.  Her mother was a suffragist and her father was a lawyer and president of the Atlanta Historical Society.


Celebrating Our Culture
Chonda Pierce
Having a "Girls' Nite Out" 
by Robert L. Hall

The lights go down and then up again.  In the spotlight is Chonda Pierce, singing her opening song, "Girls' Nite Out," a rockin' country-flavored song with guitars and Nashville style singers in the background.  Her voice, light and friendly, sets the stage for the evening, loosing up her mostly female audience and getting them ready for the zingers she will hit them with in a few minutes.         

Featured Suspense Author
An Interview with 
Memphis Author Bob Levy
by Robert L. Hall

I finally did land a good New York agent for Broken Hearts in January, 1999.  I had heard that after 3 weeks an agent would just as soon drop you if your novel hasn’t sold.  That wasn’t my case.  I lasted through eleven rejections before I was told it would be best if we “parted ways” seven months later in August, 1999.  Back to the drawing board!  I queried thirty small and mid-size publishers.  Two showed interest immediately.  I signed on within two weeks.  Best choice I ever made.  My publisher is a prince of a guy.






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