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Book News

Celebrating Our Culture
Discovering the Voice 
of Rural Black Women
An Interview with Author Crystal E. Wilkinson
by Joyce Dixon
Crystal E. Wilkinson is in many ways the spark that flames creativity in beginning and seasoned writers.  As assistant director of the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning in Lexington, Kentucky, Wilkinson teaches creative writing and works with literary programs at the Center.
Crystal E. Wilkinson grew up in rural Kentucky and uses that rich heritage in her book Blackberries, Blackberries.  


Featured Historian
Lost in Time
The story of Gary Fuenfhausen
by Robert L. Hall

Gary Fuenfhausen is an architectural and cultural historian specializing in Missouriís Southern history.  Currently, he is working on his thesis Little Cabins: The Slave Quarter Architecture of Individual Plantation Environments in Missouriís Little Dixie for a Master of Arts degree in History/Historic Preservation from Southeast Missouri State University.    


Featured Non-Fiction Author
Andrea Campbell, 
Renaissance Woman
by Robert L. Hall

I started writing seriously in 1990 as a form of recuperation. I had three facial reconstruction surgeries starting in 1986 concerning a tumor in my lower mandible. They first replaced parts of my jaw using pieces from my hipbone, and then my own skull. As a consequence, I found myself either waiting for a surgery or trying to overcome one. Writing became a kind of "cottage industry" --something I could do from home while healing both physically and mentally.













Author and Poet Kelly Cherry will be speaking at the University of Alabama-Huntsville Honors Forum on January 30, 2001.

Southern authors were well represented among the 24 winners of the 2000 National Medal of Arts and National Humanities Medal.  Southern voices included: Maya Angelou, Eddy Arnold, William Davis Campbell, Horton Foote, Earnest Gaines, Barbara Kingsolver, and Toni Morrison.

Virginia Ellis has just optioned Wedding Dress film rights to Dolly Parton and Columbia Tri-Star Pictures. According to agents, Parton expects to star in as well as write songs for the movie version of Ellis's lyrical Civil War novel, which is already being compared to Charles Frazier's bestseller Cold Mountain. Ballantine will publish the book in hardcover in late 2001. 

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January Calendar

11-14, 2001 Key West Literary Seminar 
12-13, 2001 GA Press Association Writing Workshop
13-14, 2001 Panama City BooksAlive!
19-20, 2001 2001: A Romance Odyssey
25-28, 2001 Zora Neale Hurston Festival 
25-29, 2001 Florida Christian Writers Conference
22- 4/11, 2001 Caught in the Creative Act

  2001 Calendar

Book Reviews

Blackberries, Blackberries, Crystal Wilkinson, 2000
Some Personal Papers, JoAllen Bradham, 1998
Southern Winds, W. Everett Beal, 2000
What Matters Most, Winnie Griggs, 2001
Sweethearts of the Twilight Lanes, Luanne Jones, 2001
Behold, This Dreamer, Charlotte Miller, 2000
Deep Sleep, Charles Wilson, 2001
Voices in the Sand, Anne Grant, 2000
Hair Raiser, Nancy Cohen, 2000
A Portrait of Southern Writers, Curt Richter, 2000
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