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                                                    October, 2001                         Vol. 2, No.10     

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Featured Biographer
A Biographer's Biographer:
Hubert H. McAlexander
by Robert L. Hall

What would you call a person who has written not one, not two, but three different types of books about the same southern author, Peter Taylor?  I, for one, would say that he probably knows quite a lot about the subject of his investigations.  Wouldn’t you?            


Celebrating Our Culture
Pecan Trees and
Secret Family Recipes
by Lea J. Moore

Upon moving my daughters and myself from the Oregon Coast to the depths of the South, I swore to my family and friends that I would never let "y'all" enter into my every day vocabulary. Nearly a year later, not only have I added that particular contraction, but also "fixin'" and a few other "in" words indigenous to the Deep South.

Featured Thriller Author
Dr. William Russo: Modern-Day Nostradamus or Just Good Guesser?
by Robert L. Hall

The new uprising of Middle Eastern extremists is a very sensitive subject, as well as the fault line along the New Madrid Fault that lies underneath this section of the south alongside the Mississippi River.  One noted scientist a few years ago predicted that there would be a calamitous event concerning that fault that very year.  It upset quite a few people!  Then, there is the genetic hybridization of cells that is in the news, as well as the whole subject of the inherent goodness/evil of mankind in general.  All are present happenings or near future forecasting of events.


Celebrating Our Culture
Death to Fast Food
by Susan Guillory
Once I found myself in one of those fake 1950s diners, seeking some solace in an era that I sorely regret not being a part of. I’ve always been able to imagine myself, complete with bouncing ponytail and poodle skirt, sharing a malted with my beau in a place much like this—one with chrome spinning seats at the counter, deep vinyl booths, and even a jukebox playing all the classic rock–n-roll tunes. But this chain restaurant was lacking something.


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The offices of Helen Keller Worldwide, a block away from the World Trade Center, were destroyed in the September 11 attack.  Irreplaceable archives of letters and photos of Helen Keller are gone.

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October Calendar

5-7, 2001 Amelia Book Island Festival
11-13, 2001 Ozark Writers Conference
18-21, 2001 Deep South Festival of Writers
12-13, 2001  Tennessee Williams Festival
12-13, 2001 West Virginia Book Festival
12-14, 2001 Moonlight & Magnolias
12-14, 2001 Southern Festival of Books
13-26, 2001 Novello
19-21, 2001 South Carolina Writers Workshop Conference
25-28, 2001 Southern Foodways Symposium
25-27, 2001 FirstNovelFest
26-27, 2001 Atlanta Antiquarian Book Fair
26-27, 2001 Newport News Celebrates the Book
27, 2001 Society of Childrens Book Writers and Illustrators - Southern Breeze Fall Conference
10/22-11/5 Design Press Book Fair
10/31-11/3 FIU Seaside Writers Conference

                2001 Calendar


Book Reviews

The Bridge, Doug Marlette, 2001
The Valley of Jewels, Mary Saums, 2001
Peter Taylor: A Writer's Life, Hubert H. McAlexander, 2001
The Quotable South, Al Dixon, 2001
Jazz Cats, David R. Davis with Chuck Galey (Illustrator), 2001
Terminal Bend, Patricia Mayer, 2000
The Search for Shannon, Vicki Allen, 2000
Mr. and Mrs. Wrong, Fay Robinson, 2001
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