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                                                    November, 2001                         Vol. 2, No.11     

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Featured Fiction Author
Motorcycles, Hamburgers, and Lines You Can't Forget
An Interview with Barry Hannah
by Robert L. Hall

He’s ‘just people’ (as the colloquialism goes.)  Only…he ain’t cheap.  No.  You have to invest yourself in order to read his short stories or one of his books.  Sometimes you may have to feel something, like emotions, or even become thoughtfully sensitive in trying to understand the lines he creates, which at times resemble dreams or music or poetry.  As to whether they can be appreciated—well, that is another matter entirely.  But nevertheless, it will cost you to read Hannah. 

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Books to Film Watch 2002. 

A Walk to Remember, based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks, will be in theaters January 25th, 2002. 

Sweet Home Alabama, a romantic comedy that in many ways is an updated Breakfast at Tiffany's, is finishing up shooting in New York. 

Cold Mountain, based on the novel by Charles Frazier, is set for release in Fall 2002. 

Skipping Christmas, based on the current novel by John Grisham, is set for a Holiday 2002 release. 

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November Calendar

10-11, 2001 St. Petersburg Times Festival of Reading
11-18, 2001 Miami Book Fair International
16-18, 2001 North Carolina Writers Network Fall Conference
17-18, 2001 Texas Book Festival
17, 2001 Kentucky Book Fair
24, 2001 Hampton Roads African Heritage Book Expo

                2001 Calendar


Book Reviews

Alabama Governors: A Political History of the State, Webb & Armbrester (editors), 2001
Blood in Their Eyes: The Elaine Race Massacres of 1919, Grif Stockley, 2001
A Sonnet for Shasta, David Hunter, 2001
Nowhere Else on Earth, Josephine Humphreys, 2001 (paper)
The Empty Nursery: The Disappearance of Haley Hardwick, Jaclyn Weldon White, 2001
Milking the Moon, Eugene Walter, 2001
The Artificial Southerner, Philip Martin, 2001
The New Low-Country Cooking, Marvin Woods, 2000
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